KFC Pakistan handed over Rs. 5 million to Zindagi Trust

KFC Pakistan handed over Rs. 5 million to Zindagi Trust
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KFC Pakistan handed over Rs. 5.0 million to Zindagi Trust, on account of their ongoing CSR campaign called ” Mitao Bhook” on 28th of July 2017, I was invited to cover the event. I had a superb time with the students of Khatoon-e-Pakistan School which is being run by Zindagi Trust.

The event begins with recitation from Holy Quran and National Anthem (superbly performed through flute by talented students of Khatoon-e-Pakistan School) followed by speeches of KFC Pakistan’s CEO and Zindagi Trust’s founder Shahzad Roy.

Zindagi Trust, a social organization that supports the education of underprivileged children and transform government schools and they were partners of KFC Pakistan in ” Mitao Bhook” campaign. Back in March, Mitao Bhook partnered with Zindagi Trust to support education for the underprivileged children by dedicating its iconic chicken bucket for this cause. Rs. 50 from the sale of each bucket went towards the partnering organization and by the end of its 4 months long partnership, KFC Pakistan has been able to raise Rs. 5 million for them.

Shahzad Roy, Founder and President of Zindagi Trust, addresses the media and paid his gratitude to KFC’s CSR platform,

“It is decided that providing education to the masses will be a major challenge unless government schools in Pakistan are revamped. This is the reason why we have revamped two government schools, Khatun-e-Pakistan Government School and Fatima Jinnah Government School. There are more than 3500 girls studying at these two institutions. We are grateful to KFC Mitao Bhook for running a campaign for us and taking us to the consumer front. We are glad for their contribution and the solid partnership that we successfully close today. “  


Raza Pirbhai, CEO KFC Pakistan added, “I would like to share with you the success of our CSR platform Mitao Bhook where we have partnered with multiple NGOs till date and contributed more than 60 million for the education of underprivileged. With everybody’s kind and enduring effort to raise donations for this cause, we have been able to make a remarkable difference in the lives of many and rekindle hope, joy and aspirations in their lives. Our partnership with Zindagi Trust has been a great one and we hope to do a campaign for them sometime again in future. Kudos to all the customers for contributing in all small and big way for the much-deserved children of our country!” 

Besides Zindagi Trust, Mitao Bhook has also colluded with various other non-profit organizations to bring about a peremptory change in the lives of common people, including SOS Children’s Village, TCS School, Deaf Reach School, Aman Foundation etc.

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