Babar Azam or Virat Kohli, who is the best?

Babar Azam or Virat Kohli, who is the best?
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This is a question that many cricket fans have been debating for a long time now. Both Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are among the top batsmen in the world of cricket and have impressive records in all formats of the game. But who is the better player overall?

To answer this question, we need to look at various aspects of their batting, such as their consistency, their performance in different conditions, their impact on the team, and their leadership skills.


Both Babar and Kohli are very consistent in scoring runs across formats. Babar has an average of 56.83 in Tests, 56.13 in ODIs, and 47.32 in T20Is. Kohli has an average of 52.37 in Tests, 59.07 in ODIs, and 52.65 in T20Is. Both have scored more than 20 centuries each in international cricket. However, Kohli has played more matches than Babar and has scored more runs overall. Kohli also has a higher strike rate than Babar in all formats, which shows his ability to score quickly and dominate the bowlers.

Performance in different conditions:

Both Babar and Kohli have shown that they can adapt to different pitches and conditions around the world. Babar has scored centuries in Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, and UAE. Kohli has scored centuries in Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies. Both have also performed well in major tournaments like the World Cup and the World Test Championship. However, Kohli has a slight edge over Babar in terms of scoring more runs away from home than at home, which indicates his versatility and resilience.

Impact on the team:

Both Babar and Kohli are the main pillars of their respective teams’ batting line-ups. They often carry the responsibility of anchoring the innings and setting up big totals or chasing down targets. They also inspire their teammates with their passion and aggression on the field. However, Kohli has a greater impact on the team’s results than Babar. Kohli has been involved in more wins for India than Babar has been for Pakistan. Kohli also has a better record as a captain than Babar, having led India to several series victories across formats.

Leadership skills:

Both Babar and Kohli are the current captains of their teams in all formats. They have shown good tactical acumen and decision-making skills as leaders. They have also earned the respect and trust of their players and coaches. However, Kohli has more experience and success as a captain than Babar. Kohli has been leading India since 2014, while Babar took over as Pakistan’s captain only in 2019. Kohli has also won more trophies as a captain than Babar, such as the Asia Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy, and the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.


Based on these factors, I can conclude that Virat Kohli is slightly better than Babar Azam as a batsman and a captain. However, this does not mean that Babar is inferior or less talented than Kohli. Babar is still young and has a lot of potential to improve his game and achieve more milestones in his career. He is also a very humble and respectful person who does not let fame or criticism affect him. Both Babar and Kohli are great ambassadors of cricket and role models for millions of fans around the world.