A Day with Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS)

A Day with Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS)
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Karachi is blessed with a wide range of the beaches and has a massive coastline. Almost every Karachiite wants to visit the beautiful beach as it’s a great picnic spot. For this purpose, we all need to be well educated about beach safety first. Unfortunately, we want to go there, but remain ignorant about safety measures and go out of our way while giving in to our excitement.  

Recently we went to the beach with the Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS), they briefed us about their efforts about their contribution towards keeping the beaches of Karachi safe and saving lives of thousands of beach visitors. They also enlightened us about how much they had faced difficulties in executing this life-saving service in Karachi and how they still struggle till date. 

PALS is Pakistan’s only water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority that was established in 2004. Through great efforts, they have created a safe environment at Karachi’s beaches and coastline through patrols, education, training, public safety campaigns, and the promotion of health and fitness. 

PALS also have an entity called PALS Outdoors   which is an adventure tour operator in Karachi. PALS Outdoor provides a unique and innovative approach to team building and corporate events through their fun filled activities. Their outdoor team consists of experienced professionals blended together into one respected and the trustworthy team consists of corporate trainers, session planners, event managers, food and beverage specialists.  

On the trip they introduced us to some amazing beach safety tips: 

  1. Never swim without the presence of a lifeguard especially in the monsoon season when there are RIP currents
  2. Learn to recognize the rip currents
  3. Listen to the advice from a lifeguard as he knows the beaches best and is there to safeguard you
  4. Don’t swim after dark because then no one will be able to locate you if you drown
  5. Avoid rocky areas of the beach
  6. Swim along the beach, not deeper in the sea
  7. Obey safety tips for your own good

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