Pakistan gets upper hand on India

Pakistan gets upper hand on India
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The relation between countries are always kept at top priority on any countries agenda, and if we are talking about the relationship between the United States of America and Pakistan. It has always an important priority. We both countries always tried to come closer whether it is at the diplomatic position or at any public level.

Recently a news was spread that Pakistani ambassador had some meetings with top authorities in the US and his charismatic personality is doing the magic for our country, and was the reason an Indian newspaper published an article subjected: ” Why is the President of a Jewish group defending Pakistani”

The Indian newspaper indicated that the Pakistani Ambassador Jehangir Siddiqui had won backing from a powerful Jewish group to lobby for its help in the US. They recognized Pakistan’s sacrifice in the war on terror.

This relation between Pakistan and USA groups are strengthening day by day which makes our neighbour bit insecure and its media is trying to take things on the other route and the reason they are propagating a negative propaganda through their print and electronic media. 

Our Ambassador to States Jehangir Siddiqui is doing his job and made his way to strengthening the ties between both the nations. Indian Newspaper claimed some false allegations and tried to overcome the achievements was achieved by Pakistani diplomacy through this (READ HERE)   

I believe the United States and Pakistan have a strong future ahead and if we have diplomats like the current ambassador, we can build our relation much stronger than as ever before. 

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