Junaid Jamshed | A Jouney to Heaven

Junaid Jamshed | A Jouney to Heaven
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Junaid Jamshed remained in different Professions throughout his life starting from Recording Artist, to Actor, to Fashion Designer and to Religious Scholar. Junaid Jamshed was born on 3rd of September in 1964 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. On 7th December 2016 we lost him in a plane crash near Chitral. PIA Flight 661 crashed in Chitral enroute Islamabad. He was mechanical engineer, graduated from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. In his early education, he did his high schooling from School International Boarding, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

JJ’s life has many unexpected turn overs in his life. He was an Engineer, looking forward to be part of Air-Force. His inspiration was Ex-Group Captain in Pakistan Air Force, who was none other than his Father-Jamshed Akhtar. Jamshed wanted to become a fighter pilot in Pakistan Air force but he could not qualify because of his weak eyesight.

He started his professional career in singing and made a debut in 1987 with Vital Signs. Before starting his music career, Jamshed worked with Pakistan Air force as an Aeronautical Engineer and civilian contractor. He used to perform in Univerity campuses while he was an engineering student. Popular pop singer, Rohail Hyatt noticed Jamshed in a concert in 1983 and introduced him into the musical band, “Vital Sign”.

The band’s popular lineup consisted of keyboardist Rohail Hyatt, bassist Shahzad Hasan, guitarist Nusrat Hussain and vocalist Junaid Jamshed. Their enormous popularity significantly opened a new wave of music and a modern chapter in the history of Pakistan. The band initially gained national prominence and popularity from their music video of their single “Dil Dil Pakistan” first aired on PTV Written by Shaoib Mansoor, the song became a big commercial hit. The Band has the legacy of doing hit albums includes 1989: Vital Signs 1, 1991: Vital Signs 2, 1993: Aitebar, and 1995: Hum Tum. His Solo Pop albums are 1994:  Junaid of Vital Signs renamed Tumhara Aur Mera Naam, 1999: Us Rah Par, 2000: The Best of Junaid Jamshed and 2001: Dil Ki Baat.

Junaid Jamshed’s life transformed to another version, when He Joined Tableegi Jamaat with Maulana Tariq Jameel. He was then go on to offer Sana and Naat in religious way, His albums includes: 2005 – Jalwa-e-Janan  (The Sight of the Beloved), 2006 – Mehboob-e-Yazdan (The Beloved of God), 2007 – Badr-ud-Duja (The Night’s Full Moon), 2008 – Yad-e-Haram, 2009 – Rehmat Ul Lil Aalamin, 2009 – Badi uz Zaman (The Wonder of the Age), 2010 – Hadi Ul Anaam (The Guide to the World), 2011 – Rabi-Zidn-e-Ilma (O’Lord! Please Increase My Knowledge!), 2013 – Noor-Ul-Huda. He was part of Ramazan Transmission with ARY Digital a Pakistani Channel.

He started his own business as well, after joining Tableeg Jamat, he introduced his own business J. (J dot). Within a short span of time, J. has expanded its reach across Pakistan and abroad. Its 50+ outlets in Pakistan alone are a testament of the efforts the company has put in to become the country’s largest fashion retail brand. Best of all, each outlet has a new and inspiring outlook where customers can shop in comfort.

Junaid Jamshed’s life is full of success, whether it was music or Tableeg or Business. He performed with perfection in every aspect of his life. His personal life is also a perfect example for others to follow. He was married to Ayesha Junaid inn 1990 while his second wife was Nahya Junaid. Nahya Junaid was also travelling with him in that plane.

This is all about his life and a successful journey comes to an end due to plane crash. But his life gives us few lessons, Do what you want but do it in perfect manner and don’t forget life after death.


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