#TumhariMehnat by Caltex Pakistan celebrated Winter Bliss With Those Who Deserve It

#TumhariMehnat by Caltex Pakistan celebrated Winter Bliss With Those Who Deserve It
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We are blessed with some wonderful corporate organizations who are always ready to come up with great ideas, aimed to return back something to their community. Same goes for Caltex Pakistan, recently they had a wonderful campaign #Tumhari Mehnat (Your Hard work) because they thought winter is the season to rejoice for some, but it is also the time to struggle for many. When we sit in the comfort of our homes waiting for the food we ordered, a hardworking guy out there is riding on his 2 wheeler through the chilly wind to make sure that our food is served hot.

#TumhariMehnat was an initiative by Caltex Pakistan under their Winter Bliss campaign to help and reach out to all such people out there who leave the comfort of their homes every day to bring comfort to us. Whether it’s the traffic police guy who stands tall throughout the summer heat and winter breeze; the milkman touring his way around the city or the newspaper guy who wakes up early every morning to bring freshly brewed headlines to our doorstep – we have superheroes all around us! But not all of them can afford to wear a cape, least of all a jacket to keep themselves warm.

Caltex Pakistan took a step this winter to give out a small token of appreciation to all these superheroes who rightfully deserve it and also enabled everyone to do the same.


During this campaign a winter care kit including helmet and winter jackets were sent out to various social media influencers and bloggers that helped to create a positive chain reaction on the hashtag, garnering over 50 Million+ Impressions.

Through this campaign, people got a chance to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all these people around us who work outdoors in the cold. It provides us so many inspiring stories as well.

Here are some heart-warming stories on #TumhariMehnat that are truly stimulating.



I urge everyone to please continue work like this and keep supporting your subordinates and who are serving you for years. They need some acknowledgement by you.

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