Hakim Saeed Awards – An evening to remember

Hakim Saeed Awards – An evening to remember
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Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan – is undoubtedly the leading manufacturer of herbal medicines to date. Their products include goods like Ispaghol, Rooh Afza, and Joshanda. Our childhood memories are connected to with their TVCs and the products. I am sure those memories won’t be vanishing till we saw our grandsons. They are still and will remain the best in their field because they know how to remain best with the legacy left by late Hakim Muhammad Saeed. I am glad that they are doing the amazing job.

Recently the company did a complete rebranding and modification of the brand, as per the demand of ayurvedic remedies and nutraceuticals across the world. They also promised to launch more herbal products and expand their research and development to provide more of their refined goods to people.

On January 23rd, Hamdard Pakistan held the #HakimSaeedAwards to show recognition to people for their various services for Pakistan, at Mohatta palace. After the awards ceremony, the brief address from Mr. Usama Qureshi, Dr. Muzna invited Chairperson Hamdard Pakistan Mrs. Saima Rashid, daughter of Late Hakim Muhammad Saeed and Mr. Zubair Umer, Governor Sindh to come on the stage and reveal the new identity and new logo of Hamdard Pakistan.

On that same occasion, the NEW TVC named Ishq Pakistan was launched with a peaceful impressive Qawwali by Abu Mohammad portraying the character of Hakim Mohammad Saeed and Hamdard Pakistan.

Hamdard Pakistan TVC



Ishq Pakistan Qawali


The program concluded with MR. Zubair Ahmed (Governor Sindh, Pakistan) addressing the audience, who applauded the efforts of Hamdard Pakistan on recognizing heroes of Pakistan. the icing on the cake was some mesmerizing satirical poetry by none-other-than Mr. Anwar Masood and a story recital by Mr. Talat Hussain.


Here is the list of #HakimSaeedAwards 2018 recipients:

  1. Masood Ahmed Barkati
  2. Adib Rizvi
  3. Sarfaraz Ahmed
  4. Aitzaz Hasan
  5. Amjad Islam Amjad
  6. Anwar Maqsood
  7. Madam Bushra Rehman
  8. Sister Ruth Lewis
  9. Attaur Rehman
  10. Abdul Bari Khan


I believe Hamdard Pakistan started 2018 with a bang and this legacy of giving honour to our heroes should remain open because by these activities we are able to give something back to our heroes, who did so much for our country in their fields.

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