Finally, there is awareness being raised around Arthritis and its prevention

Finally, there is awareness being raised around Arthritis and its prevention
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A great number of people suffer from joints pain in Pakistan. However, almost none of them are aware of the symptoms, reasons, and causes of Arthritis and joints pain. For the very cause, Al Khaleej Clinics arranged a seminar called ‘The Healing Miracle’ at Pearl Continental Karachi to aware the young and old about Arthritis and its prevention.

The awareness sessions started off with the honourable guest from Turkey, Prof Murat Erturk. Dr. Syed Salman Gillani started off with the history and functions of stem cells. He told the audience that the history of research on adult stem cells began more than 60 years ago. Much laboratory work has yielded amazing results; and for the past 20 years, brave pioneers; physicians and scientists have brought to the clinic the translation of the bench research. And as the world is changing… Medicine is changing too!!

A great number of senior Orthopedic surgeons, Rheumatologists & general physicians were invited to discuss significant facts and figures regarding the latest advancement in Regenerative Stem Cells treatment with the attendees. Right now doctors and patients alike believe that the future of medicine is in stem cell treatments. However, physicians have a lot to learn about how to effectively implement cellular therapies in their practices to benefit their patients. That knowledge includes stem cell biology, and behaviors, the choice of the right stem cell to use, the appropriate source for harvesting and reintegrating them, the ways to register scientific trials and document their patient’s success

The Conference also a variety of stem cells training opportunities and a detailed discussion about Regenerative Medicine and cellular therapies from some of the top names in Orthopedic Sector including, The Expert Scientist of Regenerative Medicine, Prof Murat Erturk, specially came from Turkey in order to attend this Seminar, The Chairman of Pakistan Orthopedic Association Arthroscopic Forum, Dr. Khalid Mehmood Shah and Director of ISSCA – International Society for Stem Cell Application (South Asia), Dr. Syed Salman Gillani also attended.

The session was a great buzz on social media as well, #TheHealingMiracle trended among the top trends on Twitter and was talking about by 50+ people.

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