Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing is an online and internet based system or program that provides various forms of services. It works as Software, Platform, Infrastructure and Data. As a software, applications of software can be accessed provided by cloud computing. It also provides services as a Platform to others who want to establish and create their own services. Being an infrastructure, it is used to build data centers like power, hardware, networking, storage, distributed systems, scale etc. Cloud computing also imparts data, knowledge and intelligence by providing map, POIs, road networks, videos, pictures, history and etc .

To understand working of cloud computing, examples of Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail can be inspected. Through these mail accounts, email and messages can be sent and are managed by email management software with internet connection. Likewise, through cloud computing one can easily store, share and avail the data given by cloud providers. It enables users and companies to enjoy its resources as a utility. It does not required maintenance and any effort from user end. It has infinite size. Its applications and services can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. To avail its services, one has to just download cloud app, just open a browser, log in, and start working.

There are various benefits of cloud computing. On demand self service, broad network access, rapid elasticity, measured service and resource pooling are some of them. Through on demand self services, end users and customers can systematize and supervise their computing services. Services offered by Internet and Private Internet can be used with the help of broad network access. Pooled resources provide computing resources in the remote data centers.

Services of cloud computing are divided into private, public and hybrid forms. In private clod services, business data center is used to deliver data to end users.  In public clod services third party gives the cloud services on the internet. Amazon Web Services,  Google Compute Engine, IBM / Soft Layer, Microsoft Azure are some of public cloud providers. Hybrid Cloud services are combination of public cloud services and private cloud services. Hybrid cloud services are especially used by multinational companies who want public for their product consumption and marketing and also manage working employs for specific task through private cloud services. There is also a community cloud services that are shared and used mutually by two or more than organization.

Working of Cloud computing is classified into three models i.e. Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).  Software as a Service (SaaS) model is used to provide software applications and backup on internet. These are called web services. These services are provided by Google, Microsoft, Zoho, etc . Through Platform as a Service (Paas), customers and end users can build their own applications on cloud computing. While Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) provides storage and application program interface. Networking equipment, Servers, data center space , storage systems  etc are made available to handle  workloads. Software can also be deployed on the infrastructure.

On the whole, Cloud computing is very handy platform for individuals and organizations for their online requirements and services. But there are also security and privacy concerns. Cloud computing can be easily accessed by unsecured internet connections. Therefore appropriate protective measures must be taken before using services of cloud computing.

While writing this blog, I was helped by Engr. Ayaz Noor (Friend) 

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