Consistency in our decisions is the key to our success

Consistency in our decisions is the key to our success
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We are a country holding importance at most of the avenues, but we need to recognize as a nation. Consistency in our decisions is the key to our success, whether these decisions are related to our local core or on the international platforms. Recently our foreign Minister had the successful official tour to the United States, thanks to our diplomatic relations with their diplomats. At the completion of that visit Shah Mehmood had given a statement, stated that they had made “significant progress” and there were “visible change in how the US conducted talks this time”.

Just read an amazingly brilliant article published in the Express Tribune, about the same thing, which I have already mentioned in the above paragraph. The writer expressed his thoughts brilliantly along with some historical facts behind it. Our diplomats or civil services won’t be affected during the change in the political instability or changeovers, because relations can’t be built within few months, but it is a long-term process and with the consistency in our diplomatic relations can be the catalyst to have strong relations.

In the same article, there is another prime example of why we need to change our thought process as “The world is changing, and we need people who bring a multitude of experiences and abilities to the table. In Britain, Jeremy Hunt, the UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, is inviting business leaders to become British ambassadors; Donald Trump, a real-estate tycoon, made it to the office of the president of the world’s leading superpower; while French President Emmanuel Macron was an investment banker.”

In the end, I want to share my take about this whole scenario, we should continue with the persons who are representing our nation brilliantly and tirelessly they are working hard to uplift the country’s image. Recently we are getting much closer to our allies due to these amazing servants of the nation.


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