Reasons Why I want to attend Comedy Masala season 5

Reasons Why I want to attend Comedy Masala season 5
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After a hugely successful launch in February 2017, followed up by another set of sold-out shows in April, Comedy Masala International is back from 19 – 21st Oct with yet another diverse line up of international comedians who will perform live in Pakistan for the first time.


Similarly, in Pakistan, crowds readily throng to such high-spirited live shows as it is one of the most innovative sources of entertainment in the nation.

The fifth edition of Comedy Masala shows this October, with MORE live international stand-up comedy! This season will put on 5 shows over 3 nights and will feature brand new acts & brand-new jokes!


Tickle your funny bone with Comedy Masala, a series of open-mic sessions started by hilarious Pakistani stand-up personality, Umar Rana. This time everyone expects more than form the last season, obviously, comedy can relieve your stress and reduce calories.


The best things about this season, four different comedians are coming to bring joy and tickle your emotions with their hidden talent. i.e.


SHAZIA MIRZA (UK), BRAD UPTON (USA) and last but not least DWIGHT SLADE (USA) will be launching their hilarious gigs with 5 live shows within 3 nights in Karachi.


Shazia Mirza is one of the finest comedian and an award-winning British stand-up comedian and writer. She has featured on BBC, ITV, The Graham Norton Show, The Jonathan Ross Show, and The Late Show & Channel 5.


Next, Brad Upton, who knows how to attack your emotions with the best comedy, jokes. He has performed more than 5,000 shows across the world and has featured on NBC, HBO, A&E, MTV and Showtime.


Another best part of this season is that a veteran in the industry, Dwight Slade has appeared on HBO & Comedy Central, will be also the part of this season.



  1. The first thing from comedy masala is that high-level comedians are coming themselves.


  1. Second, we need such events as we are going through toughest and hectic conditions in our life. Everyone needs relaxation and entertainment and comedy masala is a powerhouse for that.


  1. Third, previous sessions were such a laughter therapy that we have to watch this as well. Because this is not the end of laughter


  1. Four (Umer, Shazia, Brade, Dwight) top-ranked comedians are coming to Pakistan; Pakistan is such a beautiful country and people from abroad love to visit, to feel such an amazing experience. These four international comedians deserve our love and hospitality. To show them the positive picture of Pakistan.


  1. Fifth time in a year you will be seeing Live Comedy right in front of you


So, kill your Monday blues and book your tickets to get the best comedy masala of the year. Don’t wait for the right time, make it right for you. Mark your calendar for yet another hilarious October and enjoy its fullest.




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