What makes you smile:)?

What makes you smile:)?
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A simple question is being asked since past thirty days on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. I had many things and questions in my own mind that all of sudden why this question is being asked and going viral.

After few days of this video, I got my answer that Mc Donald’s is sharing this positive message and it was their campaign to spread smiles around their community and within customers by serving them well and sharing positive vibes.  I believe this is a superb initiative and brands like Mc Donalds are taking these initiatives should be appreciated. I believe people appreciated it to the extent that it became viral.

My personal experience with McDonald’s has been awesome. McFlurry Cornetto Chocolate has always been my first choice when it comes to desert at Mc Donald’s. It’s a delicious delight of sundae mix made with milk ingredients and soaked in thick warm fudge. I think I am missing some delicious burger’s name, yes it is Spicy Chicken Burger, it will Spice up your fife! I believe this is everyone’s favorite.





Let me answer what makes me smile:)?

When Pakistan wins a cricket match:

Yes, result of Pakistani Cricket team’s every match matters most, and if they are winning it. Today they are playing against India in Champions Trophy let’s wish them best of luck. Pakistan will keep me smiling by winning this champions trophy.

Helping others, when they are in need:

We get the much needed satisfaction only by helping the people in need. It is the most precious smile J that seems distant due to the fact that we have stopped helping others in our lives. Our lives have become selfish and we have started thinking for ourselves letting the good deed away from our society. I find myself smiling whenever I get the chance to help others, and that inner satisfaction never ever comes to other victories or achievements. Hope we all keep supporting and helping others when they are in need.

I urge you all please find these smaller things which will keep you smiling.

Here are the tweets and posts which I liked the most shared on social media.

So keep spreading smiles 🙂



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