#ComedyMasala season-3 returning to Pakistan

#ComedyMasala season-3 returning to Pakistan
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Comedy Masala season 3 is returning to Pakistan, after a hugely successful launch in February 2017, followed up by another set of sold-out shows in April, they are back. The COMEDY MASALA INTERNATIONAL franchise will continue to bring live international stand-up comedy to Pakistan, featuring comedians from North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. Comedy Masala will expand to Lahore & Islamabad in 2018. Comedy Masala (Singapore) is currently Singapore’s biggest & most popular weekly stand-up comedy show and has been listed by Traveller.Com (Australia) as one of the world’s Top 10 comedy nights. The Comedy Masala has been aired on popular TV channel, Comedy Central Asia.


he is one of the most intelligent comics you’ll see, and Stewart Lee calls him ‘one of the ten best ever’.


he’s a comedy veteran and has been tearing it up across North America for over 30 years. Rex has 4 live full-length comedy albums to his name (avail on iTunes) and is widely regarded as the Premiere Filipino American Comedian.


the Australian comic who speaks more languages than your average U.N. delegate. Affectionately known as ‘The Comedy Guru’, Jonathan is one of the most travelled & experienced comedians, having performed for over 25 years across most countries on the planet.

It is going to be 5 shows for 3 nights starting from 13th July to 15th July ( the first-day show is already sold out) so if anyone of you wants to laugh your heart out, check out their event Facebook page. The shows will be hosted by Comedy Masala founder, Umar Rana.

Don’t waste your time, go & grab your tickets.

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