5 tips to read and complete any book!

5 tips to read and complete any book!
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You know, we all are struggling to read books these days, due to the emergence of social media and different tools/apps. We are getting busier after every day and unable to read the books or event stopping ourselves to start reading any book.

Here are the 5 tips.

  • Read the table of contents:

By reading the table of contents, you will get a clear idea about the book’s content and authors thought process.

  • Search on Google:

Search Google and watch a YouTube video or TED Talk by the author, if he delivered. It will help you to understand the context of this book.

  • Skim the Rest:

Now do this, in every chapter and the subsection read the first paragraph and the last paragraph carefully? Skim the rest.

  • Highlight

It is up to you if you want to revisit later, you must highlight places. It will also help you if you would want to refer in the future.

  • Re-read the table of contents

Once you are done with the above 4 steps, read the table of contents again to see if you can get a sense of the flow of the authors’ argument.

Remember that every book is an argument made. It’s NOT fact – even the data there is interpreted the way the author sees it. If you want to understand the subject well, find another author who has a different view and do the same. It is understood for every topic there will at least be two views and you must understand their views and decide accordingly. It will grow your knowledge and analysis abilities too.  

If you like the steps or you want to add something, you can add in the comments section. Your valuable feedback will be welcomed.