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Prioritizing your sahulat is #NotAFailure

National Foods Pakistan #NotAFailure


National has been enabling and empowering women since its inception in 1970. They strongly believe that a woman is the binding force of each household and it is through the food she prepares that she brings everyone together. No matter how far and beyond the family ventures, they come back to the food that makes a home feel like home. At the same time, National Recipe Mixes believes that there is much more to a woman than the food she makes for her family.

Traditionally, a woman who spends the multitude of hours in the kitchen cooking food to match the entire family’s taste palate automatically becomes the epitome of perfection.

In her efforts to do so, she tends to miss precious family moments and on top of that also forget to make time for herself.
Therefore, National Recipe Mixes offers convenience to all women by providing her ease of preparation for great tasting meals while giving the same consistent taste that makes every meal an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

National Recipe Mixes saves her time that she can use to remake family memories that she has been otherwise missing out on. Moreover, National Recipe Mixes gives her the chance to rediscover and reconnect with herself more often. On this new journey, National Recipe Mixes calls upon all women to celebrate moments, memories, delicious meals and her own recipe for success!
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KFC Pakistan handed over Rs. 5 million to Zindagi Trust

KFC Pakistan handed over Rs. 5.0 million to Zindagi Trust, on account of their ongoing CSR campaign called ” Mitao Bhook” on 28th of July 2017, I was invited to cover the event. I had a superb time with the students of Khatoon-e-Pakistan School which is being run by Zindagi Trust.

The event begins with recitation from Holy Quran and National Anthem (superbly performed through flute by talented students of Khatoon-e-Pakistan School) followed by speeches of KFC Pakistan’s CEO and Zindagi Trust’s founder Shahzad Roy.

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Zindagi Trust, a social organization that supports the education of underprivileged children and transform government schools and they were partners of KFC Pakistan in ” Mitao Bhook” campaign. Back in March, Mitao Bhook partnered with Zindagi Trust to support education for the underprivileged children by dedicating its iconic chicken bucket for this cause. Rs. 50 from the sale of each bucket went towards the partnering organization and by the end of its 4 months long partnership, KFC Pakistan has been able to raise Rs. 5 million for them.

Shahzad Roy, Founder and President of Zindagi Trust, addresses the media and paid his gratitude to KFC’s CSR platform,

“It is decided that providing education to the masses will be a major challenge unless government schools in Pakistan are revamped. This is the reason why we have revamped two government schools, Khatun-e-Pakistan Government School and Fatima Jinnah Government School. There are more than 3500 girls studying at these two institutions. We are grateful to KFC Mitao Bhook for running a campaign for us and taking us to the consumer front. We are glad for their contribution and the solid partnership that we successfully close today. “  

Raza Pirbhai, CEO KFC Pakistan added, “I would like to share with you the success of our CSR platform Mitao Bhook where we have partnered with multiple NGOs till date and contributed more than 60 million for the education of underprivileged. With everybody’s kind and enduring effort to raise donations for this cause, we have been able to make a remarkable difference in the lives of many and rekindle hope, joy and aspirations in their lives. Our partnership with Zindagi Trust has been a great one and we hope to do a campaign for them sometime again in future. Kudos to all the customers for contributing in all small and big way for the much-deserved children of our country!” 

Besides Zindagi Trust, Mitao Bhook has also colluded with various other non-profit organizations to bring about a peremptory change in the lives of common people, including SOS Children’s Village, TCS School, Deaf Reach School, Aman Foundation etc.

KFC Pakistan


What makes you smile:)?

A simple question is being asked since past thirty days on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. I had many things and questions in my own mind that all of sudden why this question is being asked and going viral.

After few days of this video, I got my answer that Mc Donald’s is sharing this positive message and it was their campaign to spread smiles around their community and within customers by serving them well and sharing positive vibes.  I believe this is a superb initiative and brands like Mc Donalds are taking these initiatives should be appreciated. I believe people appreciated it to the extent that it became viral.

My personal experience with McDonald’s has been awesome. McFlurry Cornetto Chocolate has always been my first choice when it comes to desert at Mc Donald’s. It’s a delicious delight of sundae mix made with milk ingredients and soaked in thick warm fudge. I think I am missing some delicious burger’s name, yes it is Spicy Chicken Burger, it will Spice up your fife! I believe this is everyone’s favorite.





Let me answer what makes me smile:)?

When Pakistan wins a cricket match:

Yes, result of Pakistani Cricket team’s every match matters most, and if they are winning it. Today they are playing against India in Champions Trophy let’s wish them best of luck. Pakistan will keep me smiling by winning this champions trophy.

Helping others, when they are in need:

We get the much needed satisfaction only by helping the people in need. It is the most precious smile J that seems distant due to the fact that we have stopped helping others in our lives. Our lives have become selfish and we have started thinking for ourselves letting the good deed away from our society. I find myself smiling whenever I get the chance to help others, and that inner satisfaction never ever comes to other victories or achievements. Hope we all keep supporting and helping others when they are in need.

I urge you all please find these smaller things which will keep you smiling.

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So keep spreading smiles 🙂



Iftar at Zaoq and it had a lot to offer

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Location: Dolmen Malls, Clifton, Karachi.

On 2nd iftaar I went Zaoq with fellow bloggers had iftaar & dinner and I must say that Zaoq is one of the best Pakistani cuisine restaurants I’ve visited in Karachi. Hats off to you guys for the perfect hospitality and seating, and the awesome food!

Environment was super cool and view from glass wall specially was superb.

Food and the ambiance was great.

Specials would be the chicken cheese/Makmalli kebab, chicken karahi, chicken tikka, Pakoray, Vegetables roll and Pulao was too good.

Desert was a bit let down but the Karak chai (Tea) made it even!!

Recommend to all 

Their deal of Iftar Buffet isn’t a bad one, which has a perfect menu for Iftar, I believe they have done a lot of research and came up with a perfect choice.

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Sharing few snaps of their delicious dishes includes: Makhmalli Seekh Kebabs, Chicken Karhai, Zaoq Chicken Boti, Egg Fried Rice, and Gulab Jammuns.

GO and have a food at ZAOQ with your family and friends. 

Golin PK organized a meet up between Food & Film at Wingitt.

Wingitt launched in 2016, with a vision to provide premium chicken wings tossed in a variety of flavors. An event that includes Food and provides you a chance to meet cast of Chalay Thay Sath under one roof, you don’t need much time to say yes to the organizers.


Chalay Thay Sath is an upcoming movie, to be released later this month. The cast of Chalay Thay Sath includes Syra Shehroz, Kent S Leung, Behrooz Subzwari, Zhalay Sarhadi, Mansha Pasha, Shamim Hilaly, Osama Tahir, Faris Khalid and Sherbaz Kaleem. It is a story of travellers on the road to self-discovery, dedicated to remote region of Hunza in the Gilgit Baltistan. After attending this meet up, I am excited to watch this film once it is released.

Moreover, I am in love with the food by Wingitt, it is awesome and tasty. Their presentation and taste of flavor were amazing. Currently, they are offering about 19 flavors. The flavor that attracted my taste the most is “Buffalo Hot Sauce”.  If you are planning to have a food at Wingitt, please give a try to “mustered honey wings”.

Event began on time; Cast shared their memorable experiences with media and attendees by participating in Q & A session. As they started narrating their journey, they took us to the mountains of Gilgit. Chalay Thay Sath cast has an exciting competition waiting on the event; it was “The Hot Blazing Challenge”. Challenge was accepted by Kent, Faris and Osama; they had to scoff eight chicken wings in less than four minutes. Though it was a close competition, but audience had to decide one winner and it was Osama who won this interesting competition.